OKBET tips | Should you use Slot Machine Auto Play?

OKBET tips 

The autoplay feature is interesting. There are definitely some pros and cons to activating auto play on slot games.

One of the advantages is that you don't have to sit there and hit the "spin" button repeatedly (although this is supposed to be one of the attractions of slots).

One of the disadvantages is that if you are on a losing streak, the game will drain your balance more quickly.


Why on earth would you want to use auto play?

Even the best online casinos prohibit the use of player-side autoplay software to protect their games and themselves from unfair play.

In-game autoplay is a safe way to keep the game spinning. So it's a style of play that allows for autonomous scrolling. Perhaps it can complement your strategy.

There is a hierarchy to auto play

Every autoplay feature has some kind of limit on spins. Most settings are between 10 and 15, but sometimes you may find that up to 100 is allowed.

The less the safer, but since you have chosen AutoPlay, I can safely assume the more the merrier.

Some disadvantages of autoplay

Players, bettors, bettors and dribblers can be distracted when setting up auto play. If you don't want to activate 25 spins at max bet, you may burn a lot of money before you realize the mistake.

It doesn't matter if your balance doesn't drop, but the first time I used auto play in a live casino I lost half my points before I knew what I had done.

Advantages of using autoplay

Unlike roulette, you rarely want to change the bet on a slot machine. There is almost no way to do this in slots unless you change the bet per spin, which some gamblers consider to be a good slot game strategy.

In theory, you can also run autoplay on more than one slot game at a time. If the casino is overcrowded, you will be expected to give up all but one game. Some casinos may ban this practice, but I have never seen any notice of it.


The important fact to remember is that autoplay is not a system that will improve your chances of winning at the slots. Using the autoplay feature does not change the way the machine works. It will not switch to another algorithm.

As far as the casino is concerned, you are welcome to risk losing all the money you want. They will gladly pay out any legitimate prizes and take as much of your money as they can.