OKBET :Can tourists play slot machines in the Philippines?

Philippines was a top tourist destination, attracting nearly 20 million visitors in 2019 prior to the pandemic outbreak. Interestingly, even at the height of the pandemic, the country still attracted nearly 3 million visitors. So, the big question for slot game fans looking to visit this Southeast Asian country is, are there slots?


Legality of Gambling in the Philippines

Before going any further, it is necessary to assess the legal environment of gambling in the Philippines. Not only is it a preferred destination, the Philippines is also a gambling friendly country. While it does allow gambling, the rules are strict. Currently, only two land-based casinos exist, and not many online casinos are currently licensed, the first being OKBET online casino.

Available Slot Options

Although the government is very strict about gambling, visitors to the country have a variety of options to enjoy their favorite slot games.


There are two land-based casinos in the Philippines to cater to the growing number of tourists wishing to spend some time on casino games during their visit. These are OKBET and Resorts World, which were not created as standalone casinos but are part of larger establishments that include convention facilities, hotels, restaurants, amusement parks and other similar facilities.

For those who are new to online slots, this is the opportunity to try them out. Experience the thrill of spinning the reels manually on the 2,400 slot machines at Resorts World Casino or the 1,500 slot machines at Marina Bay Sands.

In addition to these two casinos, Aegean Paradise Cruises also offers slot machine enthusiasts the opportunity to spin the reels in offshore waters beyond Singapore's jurisdiction.

Playing Slots Online

While slot fans can legally play slots, online slots are a different story. Currently, there are no online slot casinos in operation. This means that the only way to enjoy online slots is on offshore sites, which are not legal.

But that doesn't mean that tourists or even locals in the Philippines don't gamble; they do. There are many international casinos that accept players from the Philippines. While the government has been keen to blacklist several sites, there are still many options available. Moreover, proxies and VPNs are very reliable in bypassing these blocks.

So, what are the best online slots mobile casinos in the Philippines?

Online Slots

Most slot sites that accept Singapore players have hundreds of typical software-generated slot games. Interestingly, these operators have partnered with all the top slot software providers, OKBET to determine their favorite slots available.

Live Slots

In addition to the typical slot games, visitors who want to experience a physical casino but don't want to visit any local casino can enjoy the best and latest live dealer slots. The casino also works with all the top live slots software providers.

Wrap it up

Although the Philippines does not have many sites with legal online slots at the moment, which is led by OKBET, new laws are being developed. By all indications, the government will relax its rules on online gambling, at least for tourists.